Inspired by this post, here’s my far-fetched attempt at humor for what might happen if 24’s Jack Bauer of found himself in the position of Battlestar Galactica’s Admiral William Adama. May be considered to contain spoilers from BG, so I’ll put in in the extended edition…

Earth would be reached in under 20 minutes, instead of the realistic months to years it should probably take.

We would never see him eat or use the bathroom…for the entire series. He’s the commander after all.

He would appreciate and volunteer to personally act on any suggestion by President Roslin to terminate Admiral Cain’s command.


Boomer would probably be treated a whole lot differently (although I can’t see mistreatment to the extent of Cain’s people).

Lets hope Kim “Apollo” Bauer isn’t in charge of the viper pilots. Personally, I think she might do better in CIC. Besides, something tells me she’d probably get into a lot of fights with Starbuck.

A commander Jack Bauer himself wouldn’t found in CIC, instead opting for the field missions. Tactical would be handled by his XO (perhaps Curtis?)

And lastly:
He would single handedly destroy the entire Cylon fleet, but only after getting captured by the Cylons, experimented on to see if they could get human conciousnesses to download themselves into new bodies, and help broker a deal to be released in exchange for Caprica Boomer.

Ok, maybe not very good. I’ll add to it if I think of more.

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