As to prevent my death from the dedicated SG1, Atlantis, or Galactica fan, I’ll tell you to “continue reading”…

Stargate: SG1
Wow, what an episode! So, they need to look for Merlin’s mythical ascended-person defeater tool. They didn’t find it, and Jackson and Mitchell clearly got beamed up to the ship at the wrong time! From what it looked to me, some of our ships got destroyed, and whether or not they actually had Jackson and Mitchell (Teal’c is with the Lucian Alliance, and Carter is trying not to get hit by Ori ships) is unknown. I don’t know. It’s a bit messy. Can’t wait until July!

Stargate: Atlantis
Those damn Wraith, and their lies! So now, Sheppard is off missing (probably got inside one of the hives just as they were about to take off), and we have a Wraith hive ship on the way to Earth! As if they don’t have enough trouble with the Ori, to add the Wraith to the mess. Imagine if they arrived in the midst of battle. Seeing as how some of the most powerful ships in two galaxies (Milky Way and Asgard) couldn’t stand them, I doubt a Wraith ship would, either. Probably though, it’ll arrive after the Ori ships have been destroyed or have elsewise retreated.

Battlestar Galactica
Hot damn, what a way to end a season, with the way the series started. Although, it looks like the “heros” have successfully convinced the masses to give up genocide for outnumbering, instead. Of course, seeing as how Galactica-Sharon is leading this group, it’s possible something else might happen, rather than subjugation. And, Baltar! The idiot. He’s screwed his species over yet again! Not to mention that he’s corrupt. At the moment, I’d definitely support the military terminating HIS presidency. Yet, people seem to listen to him, just because he won. Is there no sense of patriotism there? He’s one man out of almost 50,000. So, it’s not all his fault, because once it become clear things weren’t going to be pretty, and that he wasn’t going to do anything, they should have acted, kicked him out of office, reinstalled Roslin, and gotten the hell out of there. Anyway, to have to wait until October to see what, when most shows end in May and start again in September? That’s just torture.

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