Hope you like the favicon I threw together (I don’t say this in any cheap way, but it’s nothing special). Just wanted to spruce up the favorites of all 1 people who bookmark this site (myself). Think you got a better one, that uses the same elements? Send it to me: michael at dymersion dot com

Anyway, I mentioned yesterday that if I had to define the name of my website, Dymersion, the example would be the previous entry…or, perhaps a link to it, given its size. To give an understanding of the name itself, I’ll start with where it comes from.

1. Online alias for Michael Merritt.


1. The act or an instance of immersing.
2. The condition of being immersed.
3. See immerse. (my own addition)


1. Any writing, art, thought, discussion, or other form of communication that provokes intellectual thought in an audience, especially in relation to entries found at dymersion.com
2. An Internet website created in order to express one or more of the things listed in the first definition.

It can even be an action, as seen in the subtitle…

1. The act or involving oneself in the current events of the world in reference to entries found at dymersion.com
2. Any intellectual thought occuring in response to reading an entry at dymersion.com; see Dymersion.
Ex: (from dymersion.com): “Dymerse yourself in today’s world!”

It doesn’t seem to work quite as well, but I guess it could be an adjective, too.

1. Any intellectual work, thing, or thought that can be referenced to entries found at dymersion.com
Ex: “This sure is a dymerse entry I’ve written”, said Michael.

Please note that any similarity to the words demersion (I certainly don’t want you to be overcome by water) or diversion (Reading this site to divert yourself from schoolwork or “real” work could be detrimental) is strictly coincidental. In all seriousness, I just came up with the word out of nowhere one day (similar to how I came up with “Dymero” itself).

Full of myself? Naw…
Anyway, see next entry for some real thought provoking material.

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