I’m pretty content right now. Just had a Hall Council meeting. Tonight, we were electing officers for next year. I wanted to run for President, but the current President wanted to run for another term. I’ll start at the beginning:

Last semester, at our first meeting, I got President by default, since I had no challengers. Well, about an hour after the meeting, the guy knocks on my door, and explains that he missed the meeting because he overslept. Well, he wanted to run, too. He convinced me to challenge him, even though by all right, I could decline. So, the next meeting comes, and we make our speeches as to why we want to be President. Well, the vote was close, but his was higher, voted on mostly by friends he got to vote for him. Problem: None (or very few) of those people ever showed up again. So, he got to be President because of strength in numbers. Pretty much every one else on our current e-board voted for me, and a couple others voted my way as well. Now, to be fair, he’s a nice guy, very personable and a great sense of humor. I just think it’s a little unfair that he got to be President that way.

So, this last meeting comes. I was a bit worried the same thing would happen again (technically, you need to attend two meetings to vote on anything). He knew we were voting on officers this week; indeed, we discussed it last week. He decided not to show up because of some project he has to work on. Well, I went unchallenged yet again. THIS time, if he shows up wanting to challenge me, I’m declining. It’s not my fault he chose not to be there. So, I made President somewhere. And, if I’m not elected President on Hall Council or at TV 22 at next year’s elections, so be it. I got to be President at least once, so that makes me happy.

Speaking of e-board positions, I forgot to mention in my last entry that I was voted to be Treasurer of TV 22. So, now I’m on the e-board of two clubs. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

Yesterday, Hall Council and the RAs hosted a end-of-year barbecue in the courtyard in front of the hall to tremendous success. And today, my TV class a final project: a studio production where each student narrated a lead-in and tag to two stories we worked on this semester. Didn’t go too bad; only my second time in front of the camera (not counting some training stuff I’ve done in earlier classes). Though, it’s only for us, so nothing big, but it was good.

Ok, this essay of an entry is done.

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