Long time since I wrote anything last. My excuse is a combination of being busy and being lazy. It’s been almost three weeks, so I won’t bother trying to give a day-by-day…I’ll just give some highlights. Went to Foxwoods for my grandmother’s 70th birthday two Sundays ago. There was some good food, and after that, we played Bingo. Didn’t win anything, but had a good time nonetheless.

Then everything became dark and gloomy…not really, but the following week, we couldn’t do our last newscast. Why? Rain. To make it brief, the TV professors and the Media Services department (where I work) have been trying to get the roof over the studio fixed for the last four years. Well, the same Sunday I went to Foxwoods, it rained, and it rained hard. The roof became a causulty of that rain. It collapsed, and rainwater came seeping it, luckily not damaging either the studio light grid (with a not-so-small 600 amps running through it) or the three studio cameras with a combined value of $90,000. The bad part is that we couldn’t do anything until the roof was replaced, so no studio shoots, no classes that use the studio, etc. It kind of sucks, but oh well.

Last Friday, I went to see Mr. MHS. A couple people I know, Tim Furphy, and Louise DeJesus, were in it. One guy I don’t really know, but have met, Mike Leone, from the TV News from after I graduated, was in it as well. None of them won the big prizes, but Loiuse did get Mr. Congeniality. So, that was cool.

And today was e-board office elections from next year’s TV 22. I got Treasurer, quite uncontested. So, I’m happy about that. I’m going to try for President or Veep next year, although I’d be content with still having Treasurer.

Many things a-coming in the next couple weeks. Getting a video project done for the Earth Science class. I think he wants to show it to the class, so it needs to be done by Tuesday morning. Also have another project to be done by Tuesday afternoon. In TVIII, we’re doing a news-type production (more “60 Minutes” in style), using two pieces of material we’ve created this semester. So, I have to get those ready, with Font Sheets, and the lead-in/tag for each, And…as if I didn’t have enough video work to do, I have to edit another episode of our game show, Eastern Expedition, by the end of the semester. So, the rest of my semester will primarily consist of editing and studying for exams, heh.

Speaking of those, I’m happy that two are papers. One is for my “Former Soviet Union” class, and has to be 3-5 pages. Luckily, we don’t have to do any/do little research on it, because it’s mostly analysys. The other will be for my TVII class, for which I do not yet have the details. That leaves three writtens exams, one of which I know will be cumulative. The other two I’m pretty confident will not be cumulative.

Outside of editing and school work/studying, Monday will be an end-of-year party deal, which Hall Council is hosting. It should be good…things with free food always attract a lot of people, so we should get a good turnout. When we did it in SRV1 last year, we got an awesome turnout, so I expect the same this year.

Tuesday is the last Hall Council meeting for the year, in which we’ll pretty much only be electing officers I imagine. I’m going for President again, and sure as hell hope I don’t get beat out again by friends of the opponent who never show up again. But, hey, that sounds like the usual solid American politics.

Well, for not giving a blow-by-blow, this turned out much longer than I expected. Stay tuned for a “Photo of the Week” tomorrow, when I creep out of the nation-within-a-nation that is Eastern, and get you a picture of downtown Willimantic.

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