Eh, I guess I’ll leave it up until after Independence Day. Nothing like some patriotism.

Anyway, been a while since I’ve done a “What Have I Been Up To” entry, so here goes.

Haven’t done a whole lot since Summer started. I’ve been helping out some at my parent’s store, and procrastinating on finding an actual paying job.

Also, a couple week ago, I met a guy who does video production professionally and owns his own business. I met him up at his house, and saw his equipment, which is nice. He has a little studio set up behind his house, which is also nice.

I just helped with him on a four camera shoot today, which we set up for yesterday. The shoot was of a band of recovering alcoholics and drug users. They were playing over at Cheney Tech, trying to send a message. I’m glad to be back doing that again, even though my job kinda sucked (getting the crowd reaction, even though there was little reaction worth shooting), but I got a few good things. In July, I’ll probably help him shoot this Civil War reenactment that he says is going to have a large amount of people participating (in the reenactment). I’m a history buff, so it’s a perfect match. So, in all, I’m glad to be getting some more practice and experience.

So, I don’t know what else is coming up. I want to get a job, so I need to get in gear on that.

Tonight, I’ll be going to see X-Men 3. So, if you’re also interested, give me a call. Those privy to my AIM screen name can check my away message or profile for that. I’ll be going to the 7:35pm showing at Showcase. Though, I expect most people have seen it. But, if you’re interested, let me know.

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