Birth year might be wrong, since I just don’t remember, but I believe it’s been about 11 years. So, today was the day we put her to sleep. For the last week or so, she had been inactive and lethargic. Most of the time, she wasn’t eating her food, so she had trouble walking due to no energy. The pills she was taking for her peeing problem were no longer working, and she was throwing up a lot. The second most visible sign, the “tail meter” (as the vet put it), was just no longer moving. The vet said that as long as the tail was moving, she was pretty good. So, all that put together told us it was time.

She was a good dog. Always playful and perpetually begging, we loved her dearly, and still love her dearly. She acted tough to strangers…for about 3 seconds. Then she came to sniff you all over and maybe lick your hand. I remember that every time someone came home, she’d want to go out, so she’d end up going out about six times a day. For B.J., not getting some human food for supper was probably her worst days. But, she took all days in stride, and wasn’t a dog to whine in pain, even though she hit her forehard more times than I can count. She was strong willed, and fun to be around. She was part of my life for the majority of it and she will be missed. Rest in peace, B.J. 🙂

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