Yea, so maybe it’s a couple days away, but this whole weekend and the two days following it are basically one big holiday, except in corporate America, which probably only has Tuesday.

Still, happy Independence Day! To the few readers this blog may get, I apologize if it seems like I whine a lot about the American government, especially the current administration. However, the upcoming holiday does stand for freedom, after all. So, I’ll exercise my freedom of speech here, where you can read it and like it, or read it and not like it…your choice. On the other hand, though I have my dislikes for the administration and the war in Iraq, I love my country, and I support the troops. Not those few bad apples who take pleasure in causing pain to detainees, but the ones who are committed to their jobs. Keep up the good work, everyone!

So, in observation of Independence Day, I’m going to start a new section on this blog entitled Independence Week. Starting tonight, I will highlight and discuss stories about people doing good, people being heroic, people who contribute to making the world better…those types of positive stories. This will continue through July 4th for one week. It will probably be a welcome change for people who are sick of seeing negative stories and blog posts. The idea is hardly original. Many blogs and websites already seem to do something like it, and several do it year around. One that comes to my mind is, which only prints positive stories. So, let the celebration begin!

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