Well, ladies and gents, it’s all over. While there are still a couple percent of precincts that need to report in, Joe Lieberman has conceded defeat to Ned Lamont, 52% to 48%. It’s not over yet, though. This was only the primary, the general election hasn’t even happened yet, though you might be fooled by watching the aftermath tonight, which looked eerily like that of after-election coverage.

So, where do I stand? Still undecided. However, I do stand by what I said in an earlier entry about Lamont. Although I like his opinons about the war and health care, he needs to show me more before I will decide to vote for him. In general, now that the primary is over, he needs to step back from the war and talk about some other things. Posing Lieberman as pro-war, pro-Bush did him well for the primary, but I don’t think this strategy will work for the general election. Here he not only has to sway Democrats, but Republicans and Independents, too. I think Lamont needs to present himself as more than the one-issue candidate in which he has sometimes been described. He should tell people where he stands elsewhere, and what he’ll do for Connecticut. The healthcare issue is a start, but he needs to show why Connecticut voters, all the Connecticut voters (not just Democrats) should elect him, or I think he’ll loose the general election. Staying the course he’s been going in will not help him come November.

So, where did Lieberman go wrong? Well, most analysts seem to be in agreement that Lamont held many small communities, and that Lieberman would have to count on the cities. I heard a lot about the primary hinging on Waterbury, which he must have lost in the end.

Click the link below for my analysis on the DeStefano-Malloy race…

In other news…it must have been a stressful night for Mayors John DeStefano and Dan Malloy. Nobody seemed to want to call this one, and nobody ever did as far as I can see. It wasn’t until Malloy conceded that we knew what was going to happen. Also, a little reported fact (or, as far as I know): DeStefano’s running mate didn’t win his primary! Malloy’s running mate won, and by a considerable amount, 57% to 43%. Now, there’s something I’ve never seen, but I’ve never watched electoral races closely until a few years ago. So, essentially, it is DeStefano running with his opponent’s backing for Lieutenant Governor.

So, general election. I still think DeStefano has an uphill struggle is he wants to win against Rell. As I said before, Rell has incredible backing. However, for me anyway, DeStefano is the name that I know more. Dan Malloy didn’t really pick up on my radar until recently, so perhaps DeStefano has a greater chance of winning against well. However, my own personal choice still remains unclear, like with the Senatorial race. I don’t know much about either candidate, though I know more about Rell, but mostly through her efforts on ethics in state government, and I’ve liked her work in that area. So, I think DeStefano has a chance, but he really needs to get out and tell Connecticut why he should be governor. Even then, I still think Rell (currently) greater odds of winning come November.

Well, tonight was something new. I’ve never before made multiple entries like I have tonight. However, I loved it. Expect to see a more intense version of tonight on November 7th. Until then, I’ll be making periodic entries under this “Election 2006” series, with my views on who’s going to win, and who I’m going to choose (when I finally decide). I’ll end this entry with a final word: I implore all Connecticut, and Americans in general, to get out and vote on November 7th. You may think, “ahh, my vote doesn’t do anything.” Hogwash. It could be your vote that sways the election for whatever candidate you choose. So, get out there and vote.

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