Well, this certainly is something. Mally and DeStafano are pretty close right now: 50.43% to 49.57%. Other results I’ve seen are 50% to 50%, but I’m guessing they’re rounding down and up respectively. I just saw this on the news, so I’m not sure, but I believe that any race within half a percent is subject to a run-off primary. The governor race is getting really close, so a run-off is not out of the question. Though, I somehow doubt we’d see another great turnout like today, so maybe it’s better for both candidates that this get decided tonight.

Back to Lamon-Lieberman, Lamont is still keeping a fair lead with 51.88 to Lieberman’s 48.12%, but the gap continues to grow smaller, and I think it is likely to continue to do so as the final results come in.

And, it may be early to call any primary, but the precincts having reported are pretty high, so I’m going to call one now: The Republican primary for U.S. House CT District 1. MacLean is a clear win here. He’s got 62% of the vote to Masullo’s 38%. She would need a miracle to win this one.

I’ll have a primary wrap up (or at least as wrapped up as I can be without staying up ridiculously late) a little later.

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