Well, today is a big day. There are dozens of primary races going on in my state, and none are being more carefully followed than that of Ned Lamont and Joe Lieberman. So, who do I think will win? I think it is hard to tell at this point. I already covered what I see as their faults in my last election entry, so I won’t go over it again.

Lamont, who enjoyed a 13 point lead the day of my entry, has slipped a little bit in the polls in the last few days. On the other hand, he still had the lead going into the primary, and if you use that as indicator, it seems that Lamont might win.

However, yesterday Lieberman’s campaign website was hacked. Lieberman’s campaign is blaming it on Lamont’s supporters or even Lamont’s campaign itself, but the truth will probably never be known. For all we know, it could be been any of them, or even one of Lieberman’s supporters, knowing the Lamont would be blamed. Will this hurt Lamont? I doubt it. Lamont has already spent months using the anti-war sentiment to rally people to his name, and I don’t see a rather small hacking as affecting this very much. Similar scandals happened in the last Presidental election, with people stealing campaign signs and the such, but I don’t think that did too much to influence the results.

With so much uncertainty in the air, how can we possibly know what will happen? I honestly think it’s a crapshoot at the moment. The question is, will Lamont’s nack for rallying anti-war supporters win him the primary? Or will Lieberman’s years of experience, and still rather Democratic voting record do the trick? Stay tuned to your news stations for the results tonight, or come here as I follow the results as the precincts report in. I’ll offer my predictions as to who might be the winner once I can see some numbers.

Another big democratic primary race is for the Governor of Connecticut. Mayor of Stamford Dan Malloy, and Mayor of New Haven John DeStefano. I don’t know them as well, so I’ll have to reserve my opinions for when the results come in. Regardless of who wins, however, both have a steep uphill race against Governor Jodi Rell, the Republican candidate. She’s popular since she’s basically the anti-Rowland (as far as we know, anyway), helping to clean house in the state government when she assumed her post.

Stay tuned for more as the results come in tonight.

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