Well, the results are coming in. In the Senate, Lamont currently has the lead, with about 54%, to Lieberman’s 46%. However, since the results have started being reported, I noticed that as the percentages go up, the gap between the candidates comes down. It could end up being a very close race, only 38% of the precincts have reported thus far.

In the governor race, DeStefano is putting up a fair lead with 52%, though that race is already pretty close. I think this race will remain close.

Another race that is close to my heart, since it involves my Congressional district, is that of the Republican primary, the winner going on to face John Larson. Scott MacLean has a strong lead, with 61% of the vote. However, it is far to early to tell who will win. I predict that MacLean will stay pretty strong, though.

Another update later.

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