Jackie Chan Wants to be Role Model

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Jackie Chan is one of my favorite actors. He has good movies, and is, in my opinion, the master of the comedic martial arts style of film. So, I was happy to hear that he wants to be a good example for kids. I think we all know that most modern Hollywood movies thrive on violence, profanity and sex. It’s what sells; that was the case in the last decade, and I still think it holds true now.

In the midst of these movies come ones with a guy who is defying the standard, bar the violence part, which is still a relief since it isn’t anything gruesome. In all the Jackie Chan movies I’ve seen, he has only sworn a couple times (for comedic purposes), and he doesn’t have sex (well, nothing on screen, there was the scene in Shanghai Noon where he gets married). Not that I’m against these things in movies, if they’re done the right way. It just seems like there was a period where profanity and sex in movies were almost expected, and thrown in for no other reason than trying to get more money at the box office. So, the fact that Chan refuses to do these things is something refreshing.

The fact is, Chan doesn’t need (gruesome) violence, sex, or profanity in his movies. The skills he already has, and in the comedic style he uses these skills, is enough to draw a crowd. Just look at Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2. Two big successes, and his other movies, while not generating as great a return, show that will have a following for years to come.

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