Ever wanted to run your own nation? Well, now you can! NationStates is an massive multi-player online replaying game that allows you to create a nation and move it in the direction you want by answering issues on a variety of topics. You can join your nation to a region of your choosing so that you may help that region become powerful in the NationStates world.

A big part of the NationStates game is its roleplaying aspect. Nations can, among other things, start wars, trade, and diplomatic relations with other nations on the NationStates forum, and regions can decide their own affairs within their own regional forums.

So, if you like politics, or have just ever wanted to run your own nation, join NationStates and start nation-building today!

Oh, and if you don’t mind, be sure to join the region of Altera. After you sign up, simply click on your initial region’s name (below the “Logout” link). In the form that appears, put in “Altera” (no quotes) and click on “Search.” This will bring up Altera’s regional page. Finally, click on the “Move Invisionize to Atlantis” link. Yes, I posted this to try and build up my region again.

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