As I’m sure everyone knows, today the UK foiled a terror plot. I’m happy about this. It’s good to know that safety is still the number one priority, even if it is going to cause a few inconveniences to travellers (and inevitably a traveller somewhere screwed because they were too afraid to bring a carry-on as to not go through extra searching, and then having their luggage lost).

However, in this atmosphere of increased anxiety, it’s likely to bring out some of the racist attitude in the best of us. So, I took issue when I saw the following post made on a forum I frequent:

I don’t want to sound racist, but I’ve noticed how all passengers are being checked at airports; wouldn’t it be best to only check those who match the description of this terrorist attack – Muslim, Middle East origin? I know it’s a very grey thing to say and I will get criticised for writing that, but it’s more sensible?

First of all, what the hell? It’s exactly this kind of attitude that led to increased discrimination against those of Middle Eastern origin and Muslims alike after 9/11. So, this guy wants them to go through this kind of thing again? I mean, lets be honest here. The airports, the FAA, and whatever the UK’s version of the FAA is, can deny it all they want, but I know that Middle Eastern people will be subject to increased scrutiny today and probably for some time after today. Maybe they’ll even be instructed to act in this way. However, to suggest that they be checked extra just because of their origins, is an absolute appalling attitude to have.

I mean, there is apparently increased evidence that Al-Queda is involved in this one. Who do you think they’re going to recruit for this mission? Well, someone of Middle Eastern origin is an obvious answer, but they’re not the only kind of people who have fought for terrorists. Ah, lets see, John Walker Lindh, you know, the American Taliban? The higher up of Al Queda are going to be thinking about this kind of thing, and knowing what kind of discrimination Middle Eastern people have gone through over the past few years. So, who’s to say they won’t try and recruit a white person who is disgruntled with their country? You can’t really tell who it’s going to be, so everybody should be subject to increased searches, not just a certain group of people.

Well, I had to respond, and make it as snarky as possible, so here it is:

And while we’re at, lets stop all black people, because clearly they’re the only ones committing crimes. Oh, and lets lock up the South American Hispanic looking people too, those commies!

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