Well, it appears that Google Analytics has finally begun to track Dymersion. Here’s some interesting first-week stats I’ve found:

Search Terms
Well, nothing too outrageous, but here’s a couple I found interesting: camera poses (2 visitors), profiling (1 visitor), and humorous independence day speeches (1 visitor). Camera poses are obviously my entries about Molly. Seems that someone read my entry about racial profiling in airports. Then there’s the first one, which obviously relates to my Independence Day 2006 series. How someone got to my site while trying to find speeches that are funny is beyond me.

Sources of Traffic
Well, nothing here was all too surprising. Most were direct, all of which were probably me…turns out the filter I had in Analytics wasn’t working. So, I’ve updated it for my real IP. It’ll stop everyone in the house from being counted, but I’m not too worried about that, since they probably don’t visit, anyway. Most visits were from invisionpower.com, which is not surprising, especially if many are me. A couple were from my school’s Facebook site, though with the revelation of the unworking filter, maybe not so good.

It’s a little easier to determine which visits are not mine when I view them from a geographical perspective…seven visits from the UK, probably some of the people at invisionpower.com, five from Canada, again, probably from invisionpower.com or Invisionize, and even a couple from India and Thailand of all places.

Analytics also tracks the ISP people hail from…35 from Cox Communications are probably all mine, there’s also a healthy number from Comast, AOL, and SBC. But, here’s the interesting part…a couple visits were from the U.S. House of Representatives Info Systems department, and from NASA. You guys working on the job? 😉

Any way, just a quick update. As the site goes on, I intend to keep an eye, and see where people are coming from, and why they might be coming here. To all those who have visited Dymersion, thank you! And thank you for fully reinforcing my faith in the site. Feel free to comment!

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