Anyone see what Representative Christopher Shays said today in regard to Foley? If not, read it here.

Well, I guess it’s only fair. The left have their “when Clinton lied, nobody died,” so I guess the right needs something too. Lets see…hmm, can’t think of anything in reference to a Democrat sending sexual emails to young boys. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there’s plenty of liberal sexual predators, just that the damn liberal media doesn’t talk about them, right?

Anyway, the point of this entry. Come on, Shays. It’s less than a month to the election…the Republicans hardly need anything else to go wrong for them. Given that while his statement doesn’t directly affect his Congressmates, we know that certain actions can have a widespread effect across the entire caucus. I don’t think his statement will do much, but that remains to be seen. One poll has Shay’s opponent winning by a few points, though two other major polls do not. He doesn’t need anything that might reverse those other two.

Get with the program, Mr. Shays. We’re in a politically volatile time…if you were going to say anything, you should have waited until after the election results came in.

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