Well, today was Eastern Expedition again. Neither show went too bad and everyone was good. This was my first time directing the show, and I definitely liked it. Directing Expedition is a little different than directing the news, because the newscast is more formulatic, and you are expected to do certain shots at certain times, because it has a script. However, Expedition doesn’t have a script, and while you have to be sure to follow action, you can be more creative when calling the shots. So, I’ve had just about 24 hours of Expedition; yesterday, I was at work at 2pm, and stayed until they were done lighting at 11:45pm, then today I was working on Expedition stuff from 8:30am until about 2:30pm. I’m all Expedition’d out, at least until next month!

The three roommates who were supposed to be our second show’s (my show) contestants never showed up! We knew they were just drunk and/or hungover, so that’s why. They pretty much told Adam (the producer) that if they showed, they’d be hungover. So, if anyone ever says that again, they sure won’t be contestants! I also think our backups had to backout, so we had to get three new contestants. One was my RA, Liz, who had initially come to watch. So, she was upgraded from an audience member to a contestant in a short amount of time. The second was camera 3, Tiana’s, boyfriend. The third was a friend of the first show director, Scott.

Adam, and a couple of friends are going to a Bare Naked Ladies concert tonight! We tried to get an interview with them, but no go. Unfortunately, it is at Mohegan Sun, and although it’s free, it’s 21+ only, so I cannot go. Which brings up an interesting question. I’m only 20. Adam wanted me to be the cameraman…would they have let me in? Well, I’ll never know now! So, I’m not sure what to do tonight. I’ve been invited to go to a party, but I don’t know if I want to do that after hours upon hours of Expedition stuff. I might get some sleep and then watch a couple movies and do my laundry.

Tomorrow, I’ll be helping at the Open House, specifically in the area of the studio, showing people it, and talking about the club. Should be a good thing to do for a couple hours.

Ok, enough ramblings for one day. I’ll have something more beefy later today, or tomorrow.

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