Can’t sleep right now, since I had too much to eat tonight, so I’m feeling a bit bloated. Also a bit excited about today.

Always a bit exhilarating when a new day of News 22 is on the horizon. Not only am I directing a show, but I’m directing a show that has, since Tuesday, gone from featuring interviews with two politicians to interviews with three politicians. Yup. Joe Courtney has been added to the list of interviews we will be showing tonight. Me and Steve (the guy who does reporting with me) didn’t conduct this one, but it should be good.

As well as two shows going on tonight, one of our TV 22 alumni is coming up from New Haven to tape a short reel for himself, since he can’t do it at his work place, News Channel 8. We will also be under the viewership of a few people from the (now completely online) campus newspaper. Some talk has been going back and forth about streaming the show on their website. They’re also probably showing up to see the complete story on the new format. So, it’s going to be a big night.

Well, back to bed for me in a few. I need to be bright eyed coming 7:30pm.

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