Time for one of those rare, boring, “why are you doing this to me” updates. Haven’t done one in some time, so I’m overdue.

Since the last one of these entries, I have began college again, and am, for the most part, enjoying my classes. I have two of them with the same guy (State & Local Politics and The Presidency…interesting how much both of them overlap), and he’s a bit crazy, but in a good way. I think he has a bit of cynical view of life, but maybe that’s just me. It doesn’t impede his teaching, and that’s the important thing. He can go off on tangents, but not as wildly as my old polysci professor from last semester. I particularly enjoy the night class I have with him. In all, classes with him go pretty quickly. He’s a flaming liberal, but at least he educates himself with everything. I have to let him know his antics have got me reading the 9/11 Commission Report.

I’m also taking a course called Culture and National Security. It’s apparently one of the few that exist in the country, apparently (for one reason) because Americans tend to be awful at integrating cultural understanding whilst doing international relations. I guess the goal of the course is to improve on this problem. The book we use is from 1996, so the professor says someone could make a lot of money at making an updated version. I don’t think I’m up for the task, though. My other two courses are Western Civilization after 1500, which not much can be said about, except…history…and Scriptwriting, which allows me to be a little creative in something that isn’t getting awesome video footage. Hopefully it’ll prompt me to update Creative a bit more.

On a slightly less academic topic, the clubs I’m in are going pretty strong. As I think I’ve said, I was elected Treasurer at the end of last semester. Haven’t done much yet, but I will soon, since I’ll have to work to get prizes for previous contestants. Then in January, I’ll be working a lot for the Vegas trip. I have yet to do much for that position, but I think I will soon to get some prizes for the Expedition game show. Aside from Treasurer, on Thursday I tried out for and got the position of Director for the B-team of the newscast. I’m very excited and a little nervous about this, as being a director can be both fun, intense, and terrifying at the same time. You have to be alert to everything, since you’re the one to which everybody else is listening. The newscast has two teams, one that goes live, the A-team, and one that goes live-to-tape, the B-team, so I’m sorta anxiously anticipating next semester, when I’ll be in the A-team position. Being one of the directors, I’m fairly certain I’ll be asked to also direct at least one of the Expedition episodes, so I may have that to look forward to. At least I can be a little more creative there, as that’s all in-studio. No switching to and from tapes, and a game show is not as formulatic as a newscast setting.

Other than the TV club, I’m still participating in my hall’s resident council, now known as Nutmeg Residence Hall Association, which is a more informal version of Hall Council. So, after finally gaining President last semester, I lost it…heh. But, that’s ok. I’m more in the business of getting some fun stuff planned for the hall. So, if I can help do that, I’ve done my job.

Well, that’s the short of what’s been going on. Time to watch one or two episodes of Stargate, then off to bed.

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