Not me, since I already made a Shays rant on Wednesday. And yes, the category is right.

I had an exam in one of my political science classes today. The first thing the professor did was to rant about Shays’ comment. And not only Shays, he complained about how both parties have tactics which he compared to the sometimes childish behavior of his four year old kids. On that account, I must admit, I think he’s right. They really can both act stupid…a lot of times.

I think I should make it clear that this isn’t the typical liberal college professor. Yea, he’s liberal, and readily admits that himself, but he also appears to be more independently minded than some other professors. He gets a lot of his statistics from the Cato Institute, since, paraphrased from his own words, “They’re libertarian, so they hate everyone.” He also listens to Rush Limbaugh and reads people like Ann Coulter as much as he reads Karl Marx.

Man, was he pissed. And I thought I was angry at Panasonic and Apple last night, though I’ve gotten over that now. Anyway, it was an interesting way to start my day.

Yes, I still stand by what I said on Wednesday. While I’m not sure what he said will affect much, he really shouldn’t be surprised if he loses the election. Time will tell…time will tell.

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