President to Make “Substantial Statement” on Iraq

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Here it goes…he’s on. All of this is paraphrased, by the way. My comments in parenthesis.

11:01AM – “Will you work with Iran and Syria if it will help the job get done?” (Didn’t really answer the question, but)…They need to understand they cannot interfere with progress.

(Honestly, I have better things to do, and I’m not hearing much, except that we _need_ to pressure Iraq to get things done, and we’ll _consider_ anything that will help us win. So, time to take a shower.)

10:57AM – Q&A#2 – Timetables don’t work. (Come on, SOMEBODY needs a timetable. If you give Iraq all the time in the world, the “job” will never be done).

10:51AM – Q&A#1 – Terrorists hate freedom, we can’t cut and run (again), and yes, we are winning.

10:49AM – Q&A#1 – If we “cut and run,” we lose.

10:47AM – We have to deal with the struggles ahead…blah…blah.

10:45AM – If we don’t defeat the terrorists, we’re all dead (maybe slightly exaggerated here). If I thought we were going to lose, I’d bring the troops home tomorrow.

10:42AM – The experts are offering their advice on the course we should take, and my administration will take into consideration everything suggested.

10:39AM – Not only are we using military methods, we’re using diplomatic ones as well. We’re working with the Iraqi government and surrounding nations in order to stop sectarian violence.

10:37AM – Goal is the same, but methods adapt. The commanders on the ground have adapted to on-the-ground conditions.

10:34AM – We’ve made progress in Iraq, and today I’ll tell you how we’re adapting.

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