Well, tomorrow ought to be an interesting day. I’ll be able to sleep in a bit, but at one, I’m doing Community Service at the res. hall next to mine. My job will apparently be conducting various activities. They’ll have stuff like pinatas and musical chairs and such. Little kids are going trick or treating there, so there’ll be that and other activities.

After that, though, I’ll be attending some or all of the Matchbook Romance/Sugarcult concert that’s going on here. I’ll be able to get in backstage thanks to my press pass. So, we’ll get some footage of setup and breakdown and the like. It ought to be awesome. Afterward, I’ll be helping to break down. If our club has signed up five people to do it, we’ll be able to get $200. So, I hope we got the five. We’ll see…that goes from 10pm until like 2am, so it’ll be a long night for sure.

So, that’s my Saturday. Also, I have plans to upload my Lamont/Palwekiwicz interview sometime next week. I’ll probably put it on YouTube, and I’ll be sure to upload it in full, not just the cut down, non-partisan version I did for the newscast here.

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