Unless I hear something major on the Senate race in the next 10 minutes or so, this will be my last entry before the morning.

The count on Simmons/Courtney has stalled for the moment. Courtney picked up Enfield, but Waterford and Westbrook remain unreported, which sucks.

In the Senate, Republicans have picked up another seat, and it would appear the Dems are about to pick up another in Virginia. Democratic challenger Jim Webb seems to be about to win the seat there from incumbent George Allen with 99% of precincts reported. In Missouri, it is really too close to call since McCaskill and incumbent Talent keep flip-flopping like Simmons and Courtney earlier, with 81% of the vote counted. It is also too close in Montana, where Tester is currently winning against Burns, but with only 43% of the vote counted.

We won’t know the official results until at least tomorrow, and, in the case of Simmons and Courtney, possibly not for several days or weeks. There is also talk of other recounts and lawsuits in some of the three Senate races described above. So, we might be hanging in the balance for some time on who will win these races.

So, Democrats definitely have the house….maaaaaabye the Senate, and Joe Courtney might have a chance in district 2 here in Connecticut.

Well, barring any major news, I’ll wish you all a good night.

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