CNN is calling it, saying the Dems will win back the house. The Senate is still up for grabs, with each party constantly neck and neck, with leads from each every now and then. I’m not sure I want to know what’ll happen if they tie, which seems unlikely. But, it’s going to be hella close.

Back in Connecticut, Lieberman has won, Larson and DeLauro have won since before the primary, Johnson has lost her seat. However, Shays and Farrell are pretty close, though I fell Shays will pull through in the end. The real surprise is Simmons and Courtney. I thought Simmons would have it pretty much in the bag, but they’ve been neck and neck ALL NIGHT LONG. This is one of them that won’t be called tonight, and if either want a recall, maybe not for several days.

More to come…

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