While Election 2006 may be over where you live, here in Connecticut, it’s hanging on by that thread that never seems to want to fall off.

The situation is the race for the candidate for U.S. House of Representatives District 2. As I’ve indicated previously, Joe Courtney and Rob Simmons are in a very close race, with Courtney currently leading by about 130 votes. Even Bush/Gore wasn’t that close.

The law says the recount currently going on has to be done by Wednesday. In the days the recount has been going on, I think Simmons has gained one vote to his count. Barring any major shift in the recount, which doesn’t seem likely to happen in the next three days, I’m going to guess that Courtney will be the next Congressman for Connecticut, giving Connecticut four Democratic congressmen when it previously had only two.

While this development says something about the opinions of the American public about Bush administration policy, Courtney is not going in with much of a mandate. His fate hangs on roughly 130 votes, meaning that people were highly torn about which way they should vote. I’ll cover this more on my Election 2006 wrap-up, which will come when the 2nd district Representative is confirmed. I’ll also be sure to discuss how some of my predictions were blown right out of the water, but not as much as I thought.

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