Maybe I don’t know about the Senate, but I’m a bit perplexed. CNN keeps saying they need three seats to win control of the house. Other figures I’ve seen say 51%, which makes sense. However, the current Independent and Joe Lieberman count now as Independents. So, the Democrats have 46. If they get three more, they’ll have 49, and the Republicans 50, technically making the Republicans have more, right? But, neither would have the 51 seats needed to claim control.

Are the Independents being counted as Democrats since they caucus with them? I’m a little perplexed there. CNN is currently claiming 48/48, and if the Democrats get three more, they’d have 51, with the Independents. So, does this mean they’d kind of have to make a coalition government? I’ve never heard of this before, but have only really been following politics since 2000/2001 or so.

Can someone please answer me?

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