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Election 2006 is over, at least for Connecticut. I’ll admit I didn’t foresee Courtney pulling through like he did. What I did see is the candidate not having much of a mandate, though I foresaw it for Simmons instead. Every other predication was pretty much spot on, though. Everyone else won who I thought was going to win. So, with that, this election is put to rest.

TV time. There’s been some awesome stuff going on. Battlestar Galactica continues to impress. I like how, even though Adama and Tigh’s relationship has been strained, he still came to Adama’s rescue when Bulldog was trying to kill him. By the end of the episode, even though Tigh has still said he doesn’t want to retake the XO position, they seem to at least be patching things up. They both now have issues that are more or less out in the open, and they now have to deal with them, though Adama is able to put his past him more than Tigh can.

Heroes meanwhile, is quickly becoming my favorite above Lost. It is getting the big picture answers out faster, which Lost really needs to do. Anyway, I’ll admit I didn’t get the connection with the erroneous fire savior report and Sylar’s incompetence. At least the other cheerleader didn’t get her brain taken out. You all catch that telekinetic knife of his? It slices, it dices, it cuts skulls open!

Also, I was a little angry at Nathan for his actions in this episode, though I do understand the reasoning. He views his power as an impediment to his election. He’s not going to get many cookie points if he claims to fly. I think eventually, he’s going to come around, and, like Claire’s friend says, “embrace his inner freak.” Until then, though, he’s going to do everything he can to stay out of this whole mess. Mohinder seems to finally be a true believer. I don’t know if he has powers, but perhaps it won’t matter. Maybe he’ll be the guy to explain to everyone why things are the way they are. The go to guy for the information. Who knows.

Jessica’s getting dangerous, and Niki, though while worried, seems to view it as a necessary evil. This isn’t going to turn out good, I think. Her son (the technopath) and D.L. are on the run, but not for long I fear. I can’t quite seem to get D.L.’s intentions. We now know he was set up (by Jessica), so he might be good. I think they’ll get back together in some form or another.

Mr. Bennett. I thought he was going to be an evil dude at first, but now I think he’s more comparable to the rogue NID agents from Stargate. He’s not bad, per se, but he’ll do what it takes to get the job done. Though, not as arrogant. Still, I foresee him becoming an ally. He seems to have connections, which can only be useful to the heroes. Eden is a bit of an enigma. If you haven’t guessed yet, her power is that of command (like Saruman). Read the online comic for more. I don’t know where she’s going yet. She seems to be good, and also seems to be less “do whatever it takes” than her boss, Mr. Bennett. As for Haitian dude, he needs to talk some more.

Now on to personal life. I’m doing well. I MET Bill Nye last Thursday. What can be much better than that. He’s a very nice guy, and was extremely easy to work with for the interview. His lecture was great, too. Had a test on Friday, and I think I did fairly well on it. Was extremely tired, though, since I was up until 2am the previous night editing this video for Friday morning. Basically, what happened, is that it was Guidance Counselor Day. So, my friend Adam got his own segment to himself. We showed the video about Eastern Expedition, and then they played a mini-version of the game itself with three guidance counselors.

I came home on Friday afternoon, intending to skip the one class that was being held on Monday. Then I read my school email on Tuesday, where I discovered he canceled class anyway, since he was sick. Go figure. Not much to talk about for the first couple days, but I did go to Manchester vs. East Hartford tonight. Manchester…didn’t do well. Led by 18 for the first quarter or so, but then lost by 25 in the end.

A little bit of bad news family wise. My grandmother has to get her aortic valve replaced, and also needs bypass surgery because of clogged arteries. She’s already had a hip replaced and is diabetic and very much overweight (she’s tried to take it off, to no avail, apparently), which undoubtedly has contributed to this reality. She’s recently been having trouble breathing, and after a number of tests, this was found to be the problem. On Sunday, she’s going in for surgery at St. Francis Hospital. Please keep her in your thoughts.

Have a good Thanksgiving, and weekend.

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