Haven’t done this in a few days, so here goes.

The week got considerably better after last Monday. After all, what could be better than a massive change in the national legislature? Not much, in my opinion. But, besides that, the rest of the week went well. We did well in Thursday’s News 22, and got both shows under 30 minutes for once, so they both were able to go on the television channel, instead of only one of them. On Friday, I helped tape the play that went on here at school. Well, in reality, I help set up the camera. I was going to tape the second half of the play, but Adam said he had it. So, I got in for free and did a bare minimum amount of work. Not complaining, there. Especially since I had to see the play for class, anyway.

I also made some money on Saturday! On Wednesday, the guy who directed a play Adam was in earlier this semester called him looking to see if I could tape a play at Suffield Academy. So, we both did that, and will split the money. $200 in total for five hours of work! What I’ll end up getting is worth a week’s pay! Not shabby.

On Sunday, I didn’t do too much since it was raining. I kind of sat around on my ass all day. Oh well. On Monday, I didn’t do too much besides the normal go to class and work. I made the most of my time at work, though, by finishing editing the episode of Expedition I’ve been working on for a while. I have a couple more elements to either add or fix, but it doesn’t get much done than that. Today, I taped a thing with Adam that’ll be editing into this package for the Guidance Counselor Day on Friday. It was a little more fun to do than a normal package since I could be creative.

Tomorrow, pretty much a normal day again, except for re-shooting a couple of the last scenes with Adam, since I stupidly forgot to reconnect the microphone for them. Then I can start editing this thing, and perhaps try to make the DVD of the News show Utterback wants, though he hasn’t exactly elaborated on why he wants it.

On Thursday, everything is pretty much the same (more editing of course) up until when News 22 usually comes into play. It’s not going to be on this week, since Bill Nye the Science Guy is coming to speak here that day. Not only is he coming, we’ll be getting an INTERVIEW with him. An interview with the legend himself. I’m definitely excitedly anticipating it. I use to watch his show all the time.

Time for sleep.

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