Man, was it an unlucky weekend. I went home to visit the family and wash clothes. First, the washer broke before I could put in my clothes. So, my family and I went to my grandparent’s house to do the laundry. Halfway through the second load of clothes, the power went out! Wasn’t only us, though. Part of Manchester, and much of South Windsor and the surrounding area went out as well. Luckily, the power came back on soon after.

Then today, I find out that I’ve been working too many hours. Since I’m on Work Study, I get paid a certain amount of money per semester: $1300 in my case. Well, if I work 12 hours for a week for the rest of the semester, I’ll get paid about $250 over that. Well, the university has really been cracking down on expenditures this year (three new buildings in as many years, go figure), so I need to find some way to cut down 29 hours so that I’m not overpaid. While I understand the reasoning, it’s a bit bull, since I’ve been on work study for three years and have never had a problem with this. Add that to the fighting my supervisor had to do with student employment to let me take the position, this has not been my year for a friendly student employment office.

Then, on my way to the dining hall, I fell down near the Sports Center. So, now I had a foot in pain and a cut to add on to everything else. The faint light in the distance was the copy of Old School I won during the showing of Talladega Nights tonight! So, that was good.

So, Election Day tomorrow! Final predictions in the extended entry…

Senate – As much as I’d like Ned Lamont to win, I think it is a little bit of wishful thinking (I’m still voting for him, though). I think Lieberman will pull through, but it’ll be close, and that Lieberman won’t get as much of a mandate as he might have against a unknown candidate.

House District 1 – Come on, now. Larson’s not going anywhere.

House District 2 – I’m going to guess Rob Simmons, but again, I think it’s going to be close, and that Simmons won’t go away with as much of a mandate he might have against an unknown. Courtney has been known for a few years since his last time running, and anybody unhappy with Republican policy will probably remember him. I probably should have read up more on him, but Simmons seems to be a pretty moderate candidate. His ads don’t say it, but being pro-choice may help him.

House District 3 – Like Larson, DeLauro isn’t going anywhere. The real close races this year seem to be primarily against the Republican candidates, or those who are perceived to be associated with them (like Lieberman).

House District 4 – Again, I think the Republican is going to hold this district, with Chris Shays a little safer than Simmons, due the relatively unknown status of his opponent. Unlike the 2nd and 5th district races, I’ve seen little from either candidate in this race. While Simmons, Courtney, Johnson, and Shays have been actively campaigning on television (which probably accounts for a lot of the decision-making in these kinds of elections), I’ve seen no or few commercials from these two. Yea, these candidates are in neither district in which I live (1st and 2nd), but I’ve seen more for the 5th district than from these two. This says to me that the power of incumbency will work extremely well here. With Larson and DeLauro, I think Shays is the safest of all the candidates.

House 5th District – I think this may be the one district where the incumbent is not very safe. Murphy and Johnson have been going at it for months, with an intensity that is unrivaled by any other candidate in this election. I’m going to predict that Murphy may have a good chance here. Johnson better hope for a miracle, since her support of the Iraq war, and the Medicare Part D legislation have not won her a whole lot of friends recently.

Governor – Barring any weird anomaly, I think that Rell has this one in the bag. She’s popular, her ethics reforms have been well received (despite the minor ethics issues during her term), and frankly, she’s not John Rowland. DeStefano, on the other hand, has perhaps traveled around (as they all have), but I haven’t seen much from him, which will hurt him dearly tomorrow. He seems like a nice guy, but I’ve been given no reason not to really like Rell (anyone who says ‘no support for gay marriage’ show me how many Democrats do support it). So, Rell is going to get it, and the spread in percentage will probably be pretty large.

So, those are my predictions. Take them or leave them. I will be back tomorrow after my class to give up-to-the-minute results, and will try my best to call them. Unfortunately, I have a class, but perhaps we’ll do something fun…like watch the election results go on. But, I’ll be back here afterward.

Get out and VOTE. I do not care who you support, but vote! That is all.

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