Going to leave this one uncategorized, since I don’t feel it right to group it with my political and societal rants. The first part of this entry is hereby my memorial to President Gerald Ford. Agree with him or not, the man had balls to pardon Nixon. Lost him the election two years later, but from all I’ve read, he never wanted the top seat anyway, so I doubt it affected him too much. A man who got a lot done in a short amount of time, given that he had to handle the scandal’s aftermath and overseeing the end of the Vietnam War. A man who has my props because he opposed the reasoning for going to war in Iraq (though he never said anything about it publically!). Overall, a man who inherited a position and nation in turmoil and did what he thought was best. Rest in peace, Gerald Ford.

In other news, less than two weeks until Greece! Once I get back, I’ll be sure to post photos up to here via Flickr, and on Facebook, MySpace, etc. In school news, grades are due tomorrow, so I should be shortly aware of how good or bad I did this semester. I just have a sense that this semester went particularly well, better than last semester. I have a good feeling I’m back in the running for Dean’s List, and I’m happy about that. I had two particularly hard courses (in terms of tests) Spring 2006, and that brought down my GPA a bit. I hope this will recover things, though I’m by no means in any danger zones, with a 3.6 GPA overall. I had three classes with relatively easy professors (two classes with the same professor), so I’m hoping that helps.

I’m in a little bit of a fight with financial aid figuring out why I’m being charged so much more on my bill for next semester than I was for this past one. The quoted ‘anticipated financial aid’ is a significant amount less than it was last semester, and I’m unsure why. This is, of course, affecting me, since I have a lot of financial crap going on at the moment, stuff converging which I admit I had known, but hadn’t expected quite so much. I need to pay this bill by the 31st, then I have to get a meal plan and books, which, giving myself an extremely liberal quote for the books if I can find them online, will amount to a good $590. Add to what I need to pay for school tuition, and making sure I have a decent amount to bring to Greece, and I’m going to find myself in a little bit of a financial bind.

At least I got help on that front. I requested money this year for Christmas, and money I got. I got damn near $500 in cash and checks, which is about five weeks worth of money from work (at a pretty pitiful $8.40), so it should not impact me too badly. I’m just a worrier about having enough money.

Ok, that’s enough from me for now. Writing more soon.

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