So, I’m sacrificing a little bit in order to go Greece…television! Ok, so it’s not such a big deal, I suppose, but here’s what’s starting while I’m gone…

24! It’s starting Sunday, January 14th, and continuing January 15th. I don’t get back until the 16th! Why must the fates condemn me as such?! I’ll also probably be missing a couple Miamis, and maybe a Without a Trace. I don’t seem to be missing a CSI: Las Vegas (one will play before I leave, though), which is good.

Battlestar Galactica and Heroes don’t start back up until I’m back at Eastern. Oh, and can someone explain to me why SciFi now has me choosing between Battlestar Galactica and Without a Trace? Luckily, my dorm room’s VCR can tape one show whilst I watch another. Too bad, WaT…you’re getting watched at 11 on Sundays when you come back, instead of 10.

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