O’Reilly is more or less saying you can’t bash Bush just because he’s a sitting President during wartime. He’s getting into a debate with a representative from Congress that talking about impeaching Bush is hurting the country. That it’s diverting attention from the real problem, Islamic extremists. Ugh. Read my entry from two times ago, since I don’t feel like explaining it again. But, I could easily say that calling for impeachment of Clinton was diverting attention from the real problems of uniting Europe after the fall of Communism, working on healthcare, and all of that. It is a person’s right to speak out if it’s not causing harm to people or calling for harm, or harming the country. Simply calling for impeachment (which I don’t think should happen, and never will, Democrats in power or not) is not causing harm.

So, this is probably going to be the process of things when I start reading Culture Warrior. I can see it now. But hey, at least I’ll update more often…maybe.

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