Ridiculous. Apparently, Pat Robertson, that crazy old televangelist, is also a prophet. For this year’s predictions, he’s claimed that God has told him that terrorists will attack the U.S. this year. Not only that, but he’s also narrowed down a part of the year…sometime after September. He says that it will be a mass killing, and will affect millions.

This guy is a nutjob. Anyone else claiming that God speaks to them would be labeled a wacko or worse. Yet, as far as I’m aware, Robertson’s program The 700 Club gets tons of viewers. That’s a lot of men, women, and children being influenced by a guy who’s said a lot of crazy things, including the thing about Ariel Sharon’s illness being caused by God in response to the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, that the Pacific Northwest would be hit by a Tsunami, that his program has healed people (as in miracles), and that he can steer hurricanes.

I consider this man nothing more than a racist (against Muslims and Hindus), sexist (against feminism), homophobic psychopath who is guided by his own business interests. He’s greedy, insincere, and in my mind, is not a true Christian. His words are hurtful to a vast number of people (including our dear President, since Robertson also apparently thinks denominations such as the Methodists are the Antichrist), and it makes me go bonkers to think that this guy still has any programs on the air. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that ABC Family would be a lot better off without his show.

He seems to have something new, and more offensive every year, and he keeps coming back for more. It makes me sick to think that many people probably take his word as gospel. If he continues this kind of behavior, he’ll find himself increasingly isolated. After the Sharon thing, he’s already found himself partially sundered by his closest non-Christian ally, Israel. If this happens, I certainly won’t be weeping.

You’re a mean one, Mr. Robertson.

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