I’m lucky I didn’t do a New Year’s resolution to write one blog post a day, or else I’d be failing…badly.

I’ve been trying to do one a day, and it’s just been happening. A lot of it comes down to simple laziness. I don’t really want to talk about my day; I’d rather talk about some kind of topic. So, a lot of my entries turn into political rants of some sort. I’d like to diversify, however, since I know that everybody is not into politics, so I’m going to try.

On that note, I really need to get Dymersion Creative going, since I haven’t done much yet. Luckily, I may have a solution for the short term. Last semester, I did a lot of scripts for my scriptwriting class. I think if I post one of those a day, I can last a little about about two weeks, but then I’ll have to actually get writing again.

But, the other reasons are mostly academic. I do a lot with video production, so I’m always out shooting stuff, editing, or setting up for/directing a newscast. Then one Saturday a month, I help out at and directing (and now producing) a game show. Besides the club, I’m taking 17 credits, five actual classes, and then one independent study (which hasn’t even really started yet) and a practicum (see my club activities starting the second sentence). I also have to do a fair amount of homework for my classes. Then, I also help run a website, which just takes up even more of my time. Still, I tend to just surf around, rather than do anything productive. I could probably do ten entries a day, but I’ll just try to do one for now.

One main blog entry a day, and one Dymersion Creative writing a week shall be my goal. I had other ideas for this site, but I think I’ll hold off for now on those. Sorry to the few who may have been interested.

That’s it for now. Quota filled.

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