It took me into long hours of the night and day (of which I probably should have been doing more…lets say…academic things), but I’m finally on WordPress.  I think what scared me off from it before was the PHP mixed in with the HTML (Movable Type uses macros), but when I took a closer look, I found out it’s not so scary after all.  So ends a little over a year of using Movable Type, and I doubt I’ll go back.  It’s far too bulky for a Perl script, which I found out not too late.  Bulky Perl scripts always seem to be resource hogs.  Ikonboard 3.x found that out when a lot of hosts started banning it.

So, I’m fairly happy with this platform, which has both OpenID commenting, and LiveJournal crosspost.  The only thing I need to figure out at this point is how to direct people from the old article addresses to the new ones, so I’ve been asking around.  So, that said, let the new phase in Dymersion begin.

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