Wow.  This episode of 24 moved really slow until the last five minutes.  I think it’s clear that Palmer is out of the picture for a while, given the previews, but what does this mean???!!!  Is he dead or isn’t he?  I think it’s about 5x more likely that Assad is dead though.  He was closest to the podium, and even sort of had time to block Palmer a little before it went off.  Somehow, I don’t think the message is getting out to the extremists.  To be expected…we can’t have peace, or the producers will be forced to pick another religion to be that of the bad guys next season.

And how about that Logan.  Seems to be repentent, if he isn’t lying.  Looks like he’s not too successful talking to the Russian diplomat given the previews, so Jack will have to do things his way.  I definitely don’t think Logan wants to be house arrested anymore, but we’ll have to wait to next week to see if he’s truely turned a new leaf.

In other television, but not 24-related news, I’ve started work on the script for the idea I mentioned a few posts ago.  I’m trying to make it half serious, and half funny.  I don’t want it to be just perceived as a rant from a guy who could be doing other stuff.  So, I’ve added in a few elements to hopeful add some humor to it.  There’s a film festival coming up in April at my school, and I’d like to submit the completed product to that.  We shall see.

In Dymersion news, I was finally able to get the blogroll skinned correctly, so I’ll be using it.  Finally, a blogroll that works with dynamic publishing.  Thank you, WordPress.  That’s it!

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