Haven’t updated for a while, but I finally have something worthy of posting about. Get ready for another edition of “What’s Bugging Mike.”

Today, it’s hazy memories. Specifically those of the current administration down there in Washington. Whether its Lewis Libby not recalling his name-dropping conversations with reporters, or Karl Rove not recalling discussion of the (probably politically motivated) removal of U.S. Attorneys (interesting how Rove’s name is related to both these issues), the most powerful people in Washington have a convenient and strange case of memory loss.

I think every politician should start using this excuse. It seems to be working for Rove. Imagine if Bill Clinton’s excuse was that he forgot about the White House romp. Well, I suppose he might have…he did retract his original statement later, so he must have done seem deep searching and found the memory. Also, imagine if former Connecticut Governor John Rowland simply had some unclear memories of his dealings with the Tomasso family. It might have saved him a lot of jail time, or perhaps not. It might also work for other high profile personalities. If Martha Stewart didn’t remember getting insider information on that Imclone stock. If Saddam had a hazy memory of the atrocities he committed (actually, I think this was the angle for which his lawyers were going). It’d be great if people just forgot about all the bad things they did, wouldn’t it?

In all seriousness, though, I think it’d just be better if they started telling the truth. Libby has already been canned and skewered over Plame because of his hazy memory. The AG’s deputy has stepped down because they’re losing their minds (no, I didn’t mean to word this any other way). If they keep not remembering things and inventing stories to explain these scandals that keep coming up, the Republicans don’t have a prayer in 2008. So, keep up the amnesia, guys. I’m sure the Democrats are loving it.

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