It’s been raining all day, and I’m not very happy about that. So, it’d be better if it just went away. On the other hand, it’s melted most of the snow, which I was sick of seeing, even though we haven’t had much this season.

So, I successfully directed my second live newcast of the semester last night, and it went fairly well, except that one of the anchors kept cracking up. I guess he wasn’t helped by another who was dancing around. They just really have to grow up when they’re out there. The second, live-to-tape show started off rocky since it wasn’t being recorded, but once that was fixed, it was damn near perfect.

Today dragged on, pretty much. I finally had a Friday is recent memory in which I attended my classes, or at least, my morning classes. Had to sludge through the slush to get to gym at 8am, and then the rain for the rest. Long pants and running water do not mix! I also finished the Expedition episode I was working on, aside from a little fine tuning.

That’s about it for now. Maybe an entry with some substance later today.

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