Seems like every time I say “Back in Action,” it turns out not to be so true. However, I’m hoping that with Summer finally being here, I can do more on this. Instead of the “here’s my life today” entry I was going to do, here’s an article I just wrote for another website I work on. For the Facebook readers: Back in *Slap*

Besides working here at Invisionize, there are many other things I do with my life, and I find it continually challenging to keep the same level of activity for all of them. With only a year left to go in my college career, I find myself juggling school, career, and Invisionize, unfortunately not to the same level of success. In this entry, I’ll explain some of the things I do outside of Invisionize, and how life has changed for me as I come toward the end of my college career.

I just finished up my Junior year at college (equivalent of university for the UK folks). I have found out my grades, and am pretty happy. Unlike many people, I have kept the same major for all four years of college, and have not thought once about changing it to something else. I’m happy with my field (in which computers is not a primary component of my education), television, because I find that it suits me the best. So, I’m entering my Senior year knowing the direction I want to go in, and somewhat of an idea of where exactly I’d like to end up in 20 years.

However, with a year left to go, that also means that I’m going to have to find a real job in a year. I don’t know if I’m ready for that, but I have a year to find out. So, soon enough, I’ll be doing a job every day (I know by now that it might not necessarily be a 9-5). My time here would be significantly impacted, especially since my career does not involve computers.

Speaking of careers, I’ll explain what mine is. Earlier, I mentioned television, and that’s my field. At school, I’ve been involved with the student-run television club for three years. At first, I was just a camera man for the studio. Then I started making and editing news packages. Soon, I started editing whole episodes of the pop-culture game show we do, as well as still making packages for the news. Last year, I directed both episodes of the game show, and the live news program. This was coupled with being the club’s Treasurer. Next year, I’ll be taking up the helm of producer for the game show from its creator, who has just graduated. Also, I have now just started an internship at a local news station, and have enjoyed it thus far. So, as you can see, my career direction hardly has anything to do with computers or the Internet (well, we have a website and YouTube account, but that’s on the side).

So, what does this have to do with Invisionize? A lot. As you might have noticed, I haven’t been here as much of late. I still try my best to make it to the site when I can during the week, and breaks, weekends, and Summer vacation allow me more time than I would have while going to class and club. However, with my final year coming up, and my sharply increased responsibilities in the club from just a few years ago, not to mention my waning interest in IPB, I am finding it increasingly difficult to find time for other ventures. I have to move some things to the backburner, since I cannot possibly be involved in all of them at the same level. I’d go insane if I involved myself in class, club, and Invisionize at the same activity level. Unfotunately, that means some things must be sacrificed. Since this site is not in the same field for that which I’m going, it is the first to be put aside. I don’t really like it so much, and I know that if my field was still computers (as it was in the two years of high school), I’d have much more time to devote to the site. However, it is not my field, which is more involved with cameras, scripts, studios, and video editing.

So, the fight for my time of day goes on, and I know which side is winning. After this year, that side will only see more of my time on a regular basis. It could be possible that without school in my “triangle of time”, I might find myself able to come here more. But, for now, I know I need to put school and my future career first, which means that my Invisionize activity suffers as a result. I hope it gets better, but that remains to be seen.

So, I am wondering, who here finds themselves juggling school, any extra-curricular activities they may be in, and the websites they run? Is you career different than the website you run, and if so, how has that impacted you activities on the website? Let me know in a reply to this entry. I look forward to reading them!

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