Yesterday, for my WFSB internship, I went to the Traveller’s Championship (formerly the GHO) in Cromwell.  Yesterday happened to be Pro Am day, so many celebrities were there, including Dennis Haysbert (24, The Unit, All-State), Joe Pesci (so damn many I can’t count), Stewart Scott (ESPN), Geoge Lopez (George Lopez Show) and many athletic celebrities, including Geno Auriemma and Kara Walters (UConn).  Jim Caulhoun and Michael Bolton were supposed to show up, but didn’t for whatever reason.

I didn’t have much to do for actual duties, but it was fun to walk around and see people play some golf all day.  Some people (like Lopez) were very good, while others, not so good.  However, I think it was all for charity, so raising the money is somewhat more important than how good people were.

Overall, the internship has been going well, though a little more monotonous than I had intended.  I’ll change that soon, though, since I’m going to get out with the photogs and reporters more often, and will make a point of emphasizing my wish to do so.  Things will be getting a little crazy soon, especially after next week, because of their move to Rocky Hill.  I think any major packing will be done in the week to couple days prior to the move, so that gives me plenty of time for field experience.  Then there will be some time to adjust to Rocky Hill, and after that I can continue going out.   So, I look forward to all of that.

Oh, and by the way, 1 month until 21.  Yea!

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