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After seeing the GOP debate on CNN, I’m not sure I want to see the Democrat one. I heard it was a big shouting match, anymore. More than that, however, this debate was unfairly unbalanced, to say the least. The numbers are in, and show that the front runners – Giuliani, McCain, and Romney – got a significant amount more time to speak than the other candidates, suggesting that CNN was focused on them, which is a little unfair.  I’ve also read they did this for the Democrat debate, too.  This annoys me a little bit, since they should give everyone equal time to speak.  Though, to their credit, the candidates sometimes spoke after their time was up.  However, it seemed that Wolf Blitzer had some trouble controlling them, which could foreshadow what might happen in future debates.   I’m also not happy that Blitzer promised Mike Huckabee that he would get back to immigration and let Huckabee speak more on it, and then really never did.

Their positions on the issues don’t really surprise me, though it’s interesting to note how many on them are anti-evolution.  Obviously, the current idiot-in-chief is probably not a bit supporter himself, though I don’t think he makes it well known, nor do I seem to remember him ever doing so (though I didn’t follow these things are much back then).  I’m glad they stick to their convictions, but might want to choose not to bring it up in the general election, so that they can get as wide a base  of support as possible.  I think the issue the candidates disagreed on most, at least, how to handle it, was immigration.  On one hand, you have McCain and those like him, who are in support of the recently killed immigration bill.  On the other hand, you have some of the other candidates who’d probably like to see the borders closed.  I think immigration, more than anything else (except the war) will be the defining issue for the Republican primary.

I’m not sure that I’d vote for any Republican candidate for President after the crap we’ve been put through with the current, but I’m not really interested in any of the currents, at least at the moment.  Although, Ron Paul is an interesting character.  I shall be interested to see if he upgrades to the status of “front runner.”  I thought he performed well at the debate.

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