For a while now, I’ve maintained that Vice President Dick Cheney is the person in the Bush administration who is hurting it the most. For example, the most relevant I can think of is the Saddam/bin Laden connection that has been proved as non-existent, yet the VP continues to maintain it exists. Now there’s this whole debacle about his claiming he’s not part of the executive branch, so that he can get out of following an executive order. He seems to have backed off an on this now, but I think Cheney’s secretive nature is what hurts this administration the most. A series of articles at the Washington Post show why this may be so.

The fact is, not many people, other than those close to him and the President, actually know Cheney, or how much influence he may have had on the course of the nation over the last seven years.  However, if those articles are any indication, it’s quite a bit, and it’s a little unnerving, since George Bush is the President.

I’ll continue tomorrow on my own feeling on Cheney, and what roles I think he might have taken in shaping policy, and how much influence I think he really has.

2 thoughts on “Bad Cheney

  1. I was with my grandfather last week and he listens to a local political radio station… listening to what they had to say about this whole thing with Cheney was a riot!

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