Though I knew the peril that lie in the journey ahead, I was determined to see it through. I took my ship and glided throughout the vast reaches of space. But, alas! I was thwarted by engine trouble. There I was, stuck in the orbit of a planet that looked all I had learned of the Dark Side. Slowly, my ship fell into the atmosphere, and so I knew I only had one chance. I used the skills learned from pilot school to create a controlled crash. After I landed (with a lot of crunching sounds coming from the ship), I got out and looked around. The ship was cabin deep in a bog, and I feared that it would not fly again.

Crashed X-Wing

Exploring this vast planet further, I remembered a story from my youth. They said that a little man with great knowledge and fighting skill inhabited this place. I could not see why anybody would come here, as it reeked of the Dark Side. I explored further, and just as I was about to give up hope, I was startled by a, “I am wondering, why are you here?”


I feel that my time with this sage was well spent. He taught me some new tricks I had not known before, and helped my polish some of those that I did. He was a very nice guy, and even helped me get my ship out of the disgusting muck. I was happy to leave the planet.

I finally got to my destination, and exhausted from all that had happened to me so far, decided to go to the local Cantina for a drink, and a good square meal (the hermit’s food wasn’t that good).

Me with Cantina menu.

Finally, I felt up to continuing my journey. However, I had not crossed half the city, when my journey came to meet me. “So, we meet at last, Merritt!” The Dark Side had come at last, and the reason for my journey was revealed. The time for the battle that would decide who was supreme, the Light Side or the Dark Side, had arrived.

Light Saber Duel

Who won? What do you think? Seriously, though, tell me what you think in the comments.

Photos © 2007 Katie Baker

3 thoughts on “The Journey of a Jedi Master

  1. Foolish you are to insult my food. Good it is for nourishment. Flow from you does the Force.

    Haha, Yoda moment there. Looks like you won, your lightsaber has a big aura around it 🙂

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