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Well, like I said, today I’d either be feeling justified or somewhat disappointed I had made my entry defending Severus Snape.  That said, it was so worth it!  Even though I slipped on a couple details (though how could anybody know that Snape would be killed to further Voldemort’s goal of controlling the Elder Wand?), I was right on pretty much everything else.  As I said, a lot of the theories weren’t new.

Still, I had gotten myself wondering by the time Snape joined in to the Harry flight fight.  I thought I had my worst fears confirmed when Snape was installed as Headmaster.  But, now we know the reasons behind all of this.  Still, I was a bit astonished that the reason Snape was killed was not because he was found out, or for Harry’s revenge, but to further a goal of Voldemort.  Basically, he was killed because of Voldemort thought he was the wand’s master (which he was not).  Sort of a sad reason to go, begging at Voldemort’s feet, and not even in a fight (for either side).  Still, I feel he’s been completely redeemed, especially after handing the memories over to Harry.

Probably starting tomorrow, I’ll be doing some reviews of the final book.  I’ll talk about what I liked, what I didn’t like, where I thought things were strong and weak, and theorize over questions that were not answered.

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