In a world where it seems like everyone is out for themselves, and only themselves, I may have something that disproves that. After a couple kids got their bikes stolen, one good Samaritan decided to help them out. The family put up some posters expressing their dissatisfaction with the thieves. Seeing these signs, somebody decided to show them that not everyone was bad, and left $200 on their doorstep.

I think this story illustrates nicely that while people in America seem like they’re just out for number one, there are so many more who are willing to help out their fellow man. It may not seem that way in my part of the country, where everyone always seems apt at minding their own business. But, I know that there are good people hidden within the woodwork, and I think this story proves that. I’m not saying everyone should go around trying to buy a new bike for every kid who gets one stolen, but if we just do a good deed for somebody every now and then, I think this country, and indeed this world, would just be a better place. Think about it.

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