Perhaps the fact that so much electricity was used is a little hypocritical, but I still think it was done for a good cause. Like Live 8 and Aid before it, Live Earth hopefully brought some attention to a problem that may not have quite a significant effect on us yet (though those who’ve been audience to the weird weather patterns might not think so), but will have one if we don’t do something about it. Also, I’d hope the organizers are using a significant amount of renewable energy to produce the electricity.

No, we can’t stop global warming (since it does occur naturally), but we can slow it down by lessening our contributing factor which speeds it up. We must stop our use of fossil fuels (cars and otherwise) or we’re just asking for trouble. Now, I know we can’t just pull the plug and switch to something else overnight. It will take several years to do it, but I think that an alliance of the corporations, the government, and regular people just you and me can make it happen. Each side has to pull their weight, or nothing will get done.

While perhaps not the most effective way of doing it – since music doesn’t exactly tell you what’s going to happen with global warming – I think Live Earth may prompt people to do further research into why our contributions to global warming are a bad thing, and what they can do to help.

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