On the flipside…

Although I’m happy that Snape was working for the good side, I feel the reason he was doing it was a little selfish. He loved Lily, even after she had a husband. I believe that he probably had misguided reasons for initially supporting Voldemort. Once Lily was killed, however, it was the final straw for him, the point in which he started hating Voldemort for what he did. So, he switched sides.

However, lets pretend Lily had never been in the picture, or he’d never developed an attraction for her. I’d bet he’d still be supporting Voldemort. We know Snape has a caressing, almost absurd love for the Dark Arts. He has no real love for Muggle-borns (except for Lily of course). Lily was his true reason for leaving Voldemort, and there seems to be no other reason for it. Still, though, I am glad he did.

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