No, I’m not going to grandma’s house, but it sure feels like I’ll be jumping through hoops and traveling on all roads to get to my internship the next few weeks, starting tomorrow.

Right now, Channel 3 is in Hartford, which is easy enough to get to. I don’t have a car or license yet, so I take the commuter bus, which is easy since there is a commuter lot at Buckland which goes to Hartford. Great. But, now Channel 3 is going to Rocky Hill. Instead of catching one bus, I’ll have to catch two. One to Hartford from Buckland, and then from Hartford to Rocky Hill. Thank god you can transfer to the second bus for free.

However, it doesn’t end there. Not only will I have to get an extra bus now, I’ll have to wake up an hour earlier to do it, since the route to Rocky Hill has only two (2) times that it leaves from Hartford in the morning, and in the afternoon as well, and neither is anywhere close to when I was getting into Hartford before. So, I take two buses, starting an hour earlier, and as a result, end up getting to Rocky Hill about an hour earlier than I used to get to Hartford. I then have to walk half a mile up some street (which I kind of hope has a sidewalk) to get to the building, which is kind of in the middle of nowhere.

I love Channel 3, working there on my internship and all, but why they chose Rocky Hill, I’ll probably never know (probably something to do with taxes). I hope doing all this shows them my dedication to getting there, haha. Let the games begin…

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