Went out with a reporter today.  That’s was loads of fun and I definitely learned a lot, and brushed up on what I thought I knew, but was confirmed today.  Won’t go into the details of explaining what happened, as I’ve done it to others already.   I’m seriously thinking of cutting it off Wednesday, the internship that is.  I’ve now done everything I set out to do, and I’ve already been working more hours that I have to for the credits, so it’s not like I’m working up to that and skipping.  Money is an issue, even after my birthday (which rocked).

In any case, Thursday and Friday will be lots of fun.  I’m going to New York City!  Why, you ask?  Besides to visit a friend, I’ll be getting to see The Colbert Report!  I’ve never been in the audience for a show on TV before (or possibly backstage if they’re out of seating – having friends who have friends is the epitome of cool), so it ought to be an interesting experience.  Then maybe we’ll hit the bar or something.  I’ll be staying over for the night, then the next day seeing what progress has been done on the episodes of Expedition the two Adams are editing this summer (yes, still thinking about it even when it’s not the school year).  So, it should be cool.

Keeping it short today, since I’m exhausted.  Getting up at 6am to get to the bus around 7am, then getting there at 8am, and staying until damn near 7pm is tiring.  Have a good day.

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